Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hey! So I´m doing good! To answer a couple of your questions, we do get to go to the Temple every week, and it´s actually in English! Wow, how about that! Imagine that! Wow, so I've only got like five more days til I´m in the field too! It´s all flying so fast!

That´s awesome that you got to to go to the mountains again, I´m sure it was fun! I can´t believe you got a hold of Uncle Mark on his cell phone so Uncle Daryl could bring the keys back! Wow, sounds like a little bit of back tracking, haha. (Many in our family hike from the top down to the base of the mountain that our cabin is on every Labor Day. This year, the hikers got down the mountain about a mile into the hike before we realized that the keys to one of the vehicles we were trying to drive down the mountain were in one of their pockets! We were very lucky to reach one of them on a cell phone to let them know they had the keys we needed. Uncle Daryl made the mile hike back up to the top and hid the key behind a sign so that Aunt Eileen and Amanda could find it and drive the "keyless" vehicle down!)

So I was at the university last Preparation Day a week ago and we were picking up trash, and I was draggin our trash bag around, and it was pretty full, and apparently we had thrown something in it that had blue paint it. Apparently whatever it was broke, but we didn't know that. So it was really not a very nice or clean place, but there was this random one nice cement section with red paint and light posts and benches, like the nicest place I had seen at the university. I dragged the trash bag across it, and then I noticed blue paint on my shoe and on the ground. I looked under the bag and I found out that I had trailed paint across the whole thing! Oops, so I threw that bag away fast! haha!

So we have been getting some crazy rain here now, and it´s been pretty heavy and rough storms the last couple of days. But it´s been really quick storms and then it´ll just be sunny again.

I actually have no idea where I´m going or who my first companion will be or anything, I've just heard that we go to the chapel a little ways from here, and they have transfers there and then we go to our areas.

So when you get your next email, I´ll be in the field! I have heard that President Antivillo is really rewarding for obedience, so I hope that I can be a good missionary for him. I hope that he thinks that I´m an OK elder and that I can do this work.

I think it would be sweet if I get to be trained with Elder McBride! That would be crazy! It would be so fun! It will be so interesting to see where the Lord wants me to go and what work He has planned for me. (We keep hoping that maybe, by some chance, Jeff's first companion in the field (trainer) could be our friend Elder McBride. I know it's a long shot, but we can hope . . . I know the Lord will send him wherever he is supposed to be!)

I hope that I can represent the Lord and do it worthily. I so badly want to to have His peace in my life all of the time. I want to have His spirit with me, to do His work with confidence in myself. I´m so grateful for the Atonement. There is nothing more priceless than the peace that comes from being in line with the teaching of the Savior and the Gospel. It will be priceless to see that peace come into someone else´s life and to see them change for eternity, what a privilege! I´m so grateful for the Lord and His love for me. I have a picture of the Savior with a smile on His face and I keep it in my pocket. I try to remember that He´s watching over me, and that I´m trying to follow Him. I´m so grateful for His love for me and for all of us.

I love you so much! Thanks so much for all that you do and continue to do for me! Please keep me in your prayers, I love you!

Elder Jeff DeSpain

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