Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Gilbert friends in the same zone . . . watch out world!


Yes, my new companion is named Elder Clayton! We are doing so great! We click really well. We are working so hard! He actually just came from working in the office for 8 months I think. He is the second oldest kid in his family. He has an older sister on a mission. Then I think he has like a couple other sisters or maybe just one, and then they have two boys like Todd and Scott, haha. He has been out a little more than a year now.

Ya, I have seen Elder McBride twice already! I saw him at our Zone Meeting on Friday, and then I saw him today at what we call the Parque del Este. Every first P-Day of the transfer, all of the missionaries that want to that live close to the Capitol go to a big park that was built for the 2003 Pan American Games and play football and soccer. I always play football of course, haha. I saw him again there today. He and Elder Brown are doing great. Elder Brown is a tough Elder, he just keeps going and he's doing great! He was out playing football today. (Elder Brown is the missionary Jeff wrote about last week whose father passed away unexpectedly.) We haven't seen Elder McGlothin yet (another AZ elder that both Jeff and Elder McBride know). Elder McBride told me he is in the countryside, here it's called the campo, and he is in a place called San Pedro. Elder McBride told me that in the three transfers that he had out in Bavaro, there weren't any baptisms, but that they were hoping to have two families this transfer I think, so I'm not sure if President will close the area again or not. He sent Elder McBride out to open it. It is Elder McBride's first time in the capitol, but he is serving in a branch, which means that he still has never served in a ward in his mission, wow!

Iraida didn't get baptized this week after all, but she came to church, so we are going to try to put another fecha (baptismal date) with her again. We actually have a great investigator right now named Jose Luis. He is 18 and he was actually dropped because he told us that he didn't think that he wanted to go to church or progress. He lives right next to Iraida, and one time we were teaching her and he came out and asked what time church was at. All of sudden, that Sunday, he showed up! We went by and visited him, and he said that he had read some of the Book of Mormon, and he had decided that he needed to go and check it out for himself to see if it was true. He came again this last week and is progressing for Baptism! He is doing great and his date is set for the 25th! We actually have a lot of fechas for the 25th of December, the thing is that some people need to get married, and there is still no word yet on the papers of Chello and Claribel. We turned in the ID's for Henri and Carmen in order for the AP's to look for their birth certificates this week. Hopefully all will go well, but The Lord is in charge, and everything will be fine!

Wow, Leah got her license? Wow, ya, I thought that they changed the law now so that she can only take a certain amount of friends with her in the car? She'll do great, just needs patience, congratulations Leah! OH! And I know your first date Leah. He was in my seminary class, and his sister married Jarom Taylor. Haha!

Ah, goodie plates, I remember those! Haha, every year is a challenge! (We missed having Jeff help us deliver our Christmas goodie plates this year!)

So, my companion actually told me that the rule is with the phone call that we set it up by email the week before, and that I never call you, you just call me the day of. We're going to see how it works, because President hasn't informed us yet what the instructions will be, but everything will be fine! The Lord knows that I need to talk to you! (And we need to talk to HIM also! We can hardly wait!!)

I still have not received the package with the camera in it, but I heard that forty packages were coming in today, so hopefully it is with that group!

Thanks so much, I love you so much! Thank you for all that you do for me!

Elder DeSpain

P.S.-How are my teams doing?

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