Monday, July 11, 2011

Visit To Curacao Was Awesome!

Bon tardi di Aruba mi famia y amigunan!!

We had such a good time in Curacao!!! It was awesome!!! We flew out Sunday night and flew back in to Aruba early Tuesday morning. (Tuesday was Jeff's birthday so I asked him if he did anything special that day.) It was a good day, but completely normal for the most part, haha. We just worked and a lady brought us some fajitas. She brings us food every once in a while. Those were good! No, I didn't get to use the money you sent for a birthday dinner yet, still waiting on that, but that's alright, it'll come when we don't have food in the house, haha.

(We asked about Jeff seeing his old MTC companion Elder Holt on Curacao and how things were in Curacao compared to Aruba.) It was sweet to see Elder Holt again. We may actually be companions at some point. Curacao is actually more green than Aruba, and it's about twice as big. It was sweet! We got to play dominoes right one the coast. There is a huge stretch of rocky coast, so we set up a table a little ways away and we played dominoes, it was sweet. There is only one companionship over there, so us and them are the only companionships in our district! They actually have two cars also, but one of them doesn't have a battery, haha. Their house is sweet, it's big, but ours is probably a little bit nicer, we are way blessed!

Karen didn't get baptized this last week, but we got her interview done, so she is already to go. Now the only thing that we're waiting on is for the family to choose a date to do the baptism.

We do have some new people. Last week we found a lady named Anna. She lives by a member, and the member had already given her "the Testaments" movie in the past, and she has already been to church twice, so she is ready to be taught. We have some others who are getting close. There is a lady named Marisol who has been an investigator for a long time who is getting close to baptism. She has some doubts, I think it's mostly that she is afraid she will mess up after her baptism and not be perfect. We had a good visit with her this week and really helped her solve some doubts and recognize that those doubts don't come from Heavenly Father. We will hopefully be putting a baptismal date with her soon. We are doing good, just have a lot of people to visit, and we need to find some more! Haha.

I got two letters this week from Grandma DeSpain!! But no letters from you yet, sorry! One of them got here pretty fast, like in about 15 days I think. So, if you sent the letter to the same address as both Grandma's now have, I think it should work out, at least I hope it will! Everything will work out though. We don't know yet when President will be coming down, but we will hopefully know soon.

Thanks so much Mom, ya, this week is the hump day, haha. Hopefully that means that I'm a little better than I was a year ago. I felt way better this week. I'm not sure what I had, it was probably some long food poisoning from Taco Bell or something. But I'm good now, so don't worry Mom.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here in Aruba. This is truly a privilege and blessing I never thought that I would have. I have been blessed beyond measure with a once in a lifetime privilege. I am so grateful for my family, my friends, my home. I truly am the most blessed man in the world! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I owe everything I have to Him. He made happiness possible for me. He is allpowerful and I know He can overcome anything. I feel that I have learned a little bit more on my mission what it means when it says in D&C 88:6(I think) that Christ descended below all things. I think we all come to a point in our lives when we feel like no one understands us, no one knows what we are going through, or maybe we feel like no one cares much about our trials. What I have learned is that we are never alone, and there is always someone who not only cares about what we're going through and loves us, but there is someone who knows personally what it feels like to go through what we're going through, someone who knows what our own Gethsemanies feel like, and that is Jesus Christ. He descended below all things, and conquered them all. He knows every pain, sorrow, fear, or trial that we feel in this life, and He is always there with His Hand outstretched to put us on our feet again and walk alongside us. How grateful I am for Him and the hope that He can bring into our lives. I testify that He does live and does walk alongside us, and that if we trust Him, He will carry us through our trials, and the blessings will come!

I love you all so much, sorry, more camera problems, so I only got one picture in of Curacao!

Love you!

Elder DeSpain

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