Friday, August 6, 2010

Hey guys,

I'm here! Wow, it was such an experience! So after I talked to you guys we went and got something to eat, then we got on our plane a little while later. It was almost as big as the one that we flew on from Chicago to Dallas where there were seats in the middle! (Our family went to Nauvoo, IL this past Spring Break.) There were two seats on each side by the windows, then there were three seats in the middle. I was sitting in the middle on the left side by the aisle. I was actually surrounded by Elders this time, so I didn't talk to anyone about the gospel, I wrote in my journal and read the Ensign. (He told us on the phone from Miami that he was able to share a Book of Mormon and a pass-a-long card with a young lady on the flight from Dallas to Miami!)

We descended into Santo Domingo, and I was shocked at how small the airport was compared to all of the ones that we've seen. I could not believe that a Boeing 767 was landing at an airport like that, and that all of the international flights to the Dominican Republic come through there! It was unbelievable! So we got off the plane and went into the terminal. I was surprised that they would do this, but we had not received any direction from the Provo MTC when we left, we just received flight plans in the mail and they pretty much said "see ya", in fact no one in person talked to us before we left. We got into the airport and eventually figured out how to get through the security. Somebody picked us up and drove us down the highway and eventually we were in downtown Santo Domingo, then we saw the Temple! We're there, right next to the Temple in downtown Santo Domingo!

I'm here, I love you! Talk to you later!

Elder Jeff DeSpain

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