Monday, January 10, 2011

Elder McBride, Elder DeSpain . . . and Christopher Columbus!

Saludos to all!

Things are going so great here in Maria Auxiliadora! We got an appointment put (He keeps saying "put" in his emails which must be the Spanish word for "set"???) to get Henry and Karmen married, and that's on Thursday. But we're going with Chello and Claribel tomorrow too to see if we can get them married also! It would be so sweet if that all works out! Wow, what a privilege to be a part in helping a them become an Eternal Family!

Roberto and Jose Luis are doing so great! They are both coming to Church still, at least for the first hour, so we are going to continue working with them. They are both studs! Roberto is divorced and lives with a daughter and grand kids, but I think that they are going to move out and he is going to end up living solo. Jose Luis lives with his mom and brothers and sisters, and his mom is handicapped and one of his sisters is mentally disabled, so he does a lot around the house!

Wow, this is so awesome, I'm actually sitting two computers away from Elder McBride right now, and we're going to go and see Christopher Columbus' house after this! I'm going to try to attach a pic of me and him in the mission office a little while back.

Thanks so much Mom, and a big thanks to Sister Dodge, I really appreciate what she said to you! That means so much to me! (Jeff spent a lot of time at the Dodge home before he left on his mission. Brother and Sister Dodge are so good to open their home to youth in our area. I saw Sister Dodge on Sunday and she asked about Jeff and shared with me some kind comments about him. I thought that was so sweet and I shared her comments with Jeff.)

This week I have really been blessed to feel such a good spirit. It is amazing to feel that peace and that hope that comes through the Spirit. The Spirit fills you with such a perfect hope that, for a moment, that's all you can see. All you can see is the good that Heavenly Father has planned for you in your life. For a moment, all you can feel is His Presence, His hope, and His truth. I testify that that is truly what this life is about, is that Spirit. How grateful I am for it!

Thanks so much Dad for all of your notes, and I'm so sorry that I couldn't respond to your email. Thanks so much for all that you do! Please keep me in your prayers as I'm still trying to fight through my dizziness, but The Lord will help me. Thanks so much!

Elder DeSpain

(Not sure what is causing the dizziness yet, but I'm sure the Lord will take care of him!)

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