Monday, March 28, 2011

So Many Investigators . . . So Little Time

Hey family and friends! We don't have electricity here in La Cienaga, so I'm writing really quick in case the electricity leaves on us again. We are doing great here! We had 21 investigators in church yesterday! That is the most me or Elder Clase have ever had in Church in our whole missions! Kenya and Kartel and Juana and Junior are doing great! The APs were able to get their birth certificates without problems too! They are doing so great! Now it's just the money we're waiting on but it sounds like President might be able to help us with that too! I guess there's a fund for marriages in the mission now! We are hoping to get both couples married and baptized soon! We are being blessed so much by The Lord! Yesterday after church, Maria, one of our last baptisms came up to us and just told us thank you several times for bringing her happiness in her life! What a privilege it is to be a representative of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! Even though they deserve all of the credit, they allow me to receive a thank you every once in a while. I love you all very much! Thank you so much for all that you do for me and the example that you have been to me in my life! And don't forget to keep walking! Keep your feet moving, and don't get discouraged, and don't be afraid. Jesus Christ has overcome the world and His Church is on the earth today! Love, Elder DeSpain P.S. Dad, that hammock is money! If it's been through that many trips and still going, that's one of the best hammocks I've seen, because it's held up under Elder Clase too for like four weeks, and he's a strong guy, more than 200 pounds I think. (The hammock Henry sent to Jeff is one that Henry made a few years ago to use on a Havasupai trip. He has taken it on several trips and he was telling Jeff in his letter this week how many places it has been - to the cabin multiple times, on several campouts, down West Clear Creek and twice now to Havasupai!)

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