Monday, March 7, 2011

Wow! Great week in La Cienaga!

Saludos Familia y queridos amigos

Wow, what a week full of blessings from the Lord! Things are great, fantastic here in La Cienaga! Wow, we are doing so great! Elder Clase is the name of my companion, I was wrong last week. And he is Dominican, and his whole family is members from what I know. He was baptized when he was 8 I believe. He goes home after the transfer after this one, and he is learning English, so we try to speak it in the house. Wow, he is awesome, we get along so well and we are doing so great!

It's true! Elder McBride is my District Leader! And I saw him and Elder McGlothin today. And I ate lunch with Elder McGlothin! I never would have thought, just like Elder McBride said, all those years ago, that Elder Taylor McBride and I would be walking side by side through the streets of La Cienaga, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He came to my area this week to do an interview! It was awesome, wow, I thought that to myself while he was here with us. All four of us went, it was sweet!

Enrique is doing great, he's even starting to pay his tithing! Wow, we now have the privilege of teaching two families, the moms are sisters. One´s name is Juana, and she has a husband and family, and the other is Kenya, and she has a husband and her family. We were teaching Juana this week, and we taught her and her family the first lesson. Then, when we invited them to pray and ask if the message was true, Kenya told us that she had already prayed, and that she had already received an answer. She told us that she had actually seen Elder Clase in a dream or a vision of some sort, and I guess he told her that he was ready to teach her the Gospel! Wow, that was an amazing experience. She had her answer! Me and Elder Clase didn't even know what to say. We don't do a thing in this work, but wow, it sure is amazing to see the Lord do this work through us! I think we are going to have to try to get them married, and also get the husband to start progressing too, but I hope to be a part of their baptism, wow!!!!

We also had a baptism this week! We baptized a lady named Andrea, she is so cool, and such a good lady. She is 65, and now she's like a newborn. What an amazing thing the work of the Lord is, that someone who has lived a whole lifetime can still feel brand new through baptism. (Picture is on the blog!)

Keep up the great work back home, and never forget that you are NEVER alone. Jesus Christ walks every step, every second of every day with you. Like I said last week, just keep moving your feet, and you'll win. We may have struggles still, but we will win, because I know He has conquered the World!

Elder Jeff DeSpain

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