Monday, June 20, 2011

The Most Blessed Missionaries In The Whole World!

Bon Dia Famianan y amigunan!

We are doing great here in Aruba, the most blessed missionaries in the whole world!!!!

I can't believe that the Massow's stopped by, that is sweet!!

President Antivilo's trip actually had to be cancelled because he did not have the time to come to the islands. So, the packages will be coming sometime with the new President, haha, but that's fine! I did get a letter this week from Grandma Weech. It came through Arabian mail. It was sweet! (We sent our birthday packages to the mission home as directed by Sister Antivilo and Jeff. Normally President A. brings packages to the islands on his normal visit (every six weeks) which was scheduled for June 15th. That trip didn’t happen because President A. didn’t have enough time to make the trip before he is released on the 28th. So, no birthday packages made it to Jeff. Bummer. They are probably sitting in the mission home and hopefully the new president will make a trip to the islands soon! Oh well . . .) On June 28th the New President officially arrives and President Antivilo leaves, they actually only have three hours together. Kind of crazy!

We are still working with Morice, he is like 33 I think, and Soledad, she is a little bit older, the mom of a member. They are both from here in Oranjestad. Morice is a great guy, he is making changes by himself, he just has the desire to do what's right because he has found that that is the only thing in this world that will bring him happiness. What a great experience to be able to see him and the changes in his life. We are a little bit afraid that he is still smoking, but he is doing great. We need to find Soledad again, because she wasn't there when we tried to pass by this week and she didn't make it to church yesterday, but we will keep working. There is actually a lady who has been investigating the Church for a year or more now and we just got the OK to have the Branch President do her interview (because there aren't any more missionaries on the island to do the baptismal interview) and hopefully she will get baptized this Saturday! She is a great lady. She had been waiting to try to get her husband to be baptized with her, but it looks like he is going to choose not to be baptized, but that's alright, we will move forward with her.

The Church in Oranjestad (Spanish Branch) is going to be renting a building while they remodel, but I still don't think I've seen it. In San Nicolas (English Branch), they have a house, but it's sweet, I attached a picture of the view from that church, sometimes you can see Venezuela from there!

(Henry asked Jeff is he dreams in Spanish.) Haha, I haven't noticed myself dreaming in Spanish yet, but who knows it could be happening. Right now we're talking a lot of English and all kinds of languages, so I'm not sure if that's going to start happening to me at this point, haha. Elder LeCheminant says that Papiamento is actually a dialect and not a language, but I say that it's the same thing!

I've been hearing about a fire in Arizona here, what's up? They told me that 40 houses were burned and one person died, that's pretty bad. Wow, another year without 4th of July on the mountain, wow! Well . . . it's a good year for it to happen . . . at least for me!

One quick thing, Elder L. put a pen through the washer with our whites, so I need to buy like five new white shirts, and I'll just do that here, and it would be really nice if you could send me some replacement garments, because those will be impossible to get here, haha. I don't care what kind of fabric. Right now I have dry lux, probably that or mesh.

Sorry, I am out of time, but I love you so much!

Thank you so much for all that you do. It seems like I learn more and more about how the Gospel will make us truly happy in this life. It is all because of Jesus Christ. Sometimes we start looking at the darkness, the unknown, what could go wrong, but what someone once taught me was that you have to turn around when that happens and look at Jesus Christ, he told me that when you are looking at a future with Christ, there is always light.

I love you so much!

Elder DeSpain

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