Monday, June 27, 2011

We Are Doing Fantastic Here In Aruba!

Bon Tardi!!

Well, we are doing fantastic here in Aruba, blessed as always.

Thanks for sending the package!! I think it will probably just come to the landlords here and then I can get it from them. We'll see how it works. Yes, those charges are from me!! I got new shirts, and then I got a legitimate Aruban flag with the birthday money, so thanks so much!!!!

Well, for all the missionaries in the Dominican Republic, they all had a President P-day and President did a special p-day with each zone or a few zones at a time to say goodbye, but we weren't able to get anything, so we will wait for the new President. We actually don't know when we're going to get to see him. But the people in the English branch down in San Nicolas said that they might be doing a Skype conference with him on Thursday night, so we might be able to meet him there. Other than that, we really don't know anything. (Jeff's mission is getting a new mission president tomorrow. We asked him how that all works, how the President Antivilo says goodbye to everyone and how everyone gets to meet the new president. Looks like he missed out on the goodbye conferences because he is in Aruba. I guess that's the price you pay for having air conditioning to use at night!)

I actually just got to talk to someone last night who is from AZ. They are friends or relatives of the Halberts. So the ABC islands consist of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. There are Elders on Aruba and Curacao, but there is only a senior couple on Bonaire. They are named the Lee's, and we actually got to call them last night and it ends up that they know Scott Halbert and get his emails sometimes!! They are from the 12th ward in the Val Vista Stake. Way cool!!!! (Can't wait to check this out because we knew some Lees when we were in the 12th Ward many years back when Jeff was just a baby. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it is the same people!)

There is also a missionary going back to the Dominican Republic and a new one coming out to the islands, and guess who the new one is, Elder Holt!!!! My MTC companion!!!! No way!!! It would be sweet if we ended up becoming companions!!! The other elder that went back to be a Zone Leader is Elder Hunsaker, he's a great guy!

Well, most of our baptismal dates have fallen through, but that's alright, we're going to keep working. A lot of them will still get baptized, we will just have to put a new baptismal date. Morice actually still has some problems with the Word of Wisdom, so we're still working with him (We talk to him in English, he's one of the only one's we speak English to.)

Haha, we actually just had a Mormon family walk into our Internet center and say hi to us! That's way cool! They are here on vacation from Suriname, haha!

Ah, ASU Baseball didn't make it past the super regional? That's too bad, but that's still a good year. I heard that the BYU star got drafted 10th. Is he a member? That would be way cool. And aren't there like two Mormon guys running for president? wow, that would be so cool if one of them got elected!

Hey, so the next time that I write you it will probably actually be from a different island. We are going to have to leave for a day and come back so that Elder LeCheminant's 90 days will reset, sweet!!!!

Well, I am so grateful for the Gospel. Whether they know it or not, everyone in the world is searching for the same thing, they want to be happy. Many don't know it yet, but the only way to have happiness is through living the Gospel, and through the promise of Eternal Life. How blessed we are to have that knowledge. Jesus Christ has done so much for us, He has made it all possible. I am so grateful that He went down all of my roads personally, that He descended below all things, so that He is the light through all things (D C 88). I testify that He lives and He can conquer any trial, struggle, or difficulty in this world, if we will but turn around and focus our vision on Him. He is our light and life, He is always our hope. He can heal us, if we will but look to Him. How grateful I am for His sacrifice and His and our Heavenly Father's love for each one of us.

Sorry, camera is acting up again, so some of the pictures aren't very good or might be repetitive.

Elder DeSpain

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