Monday, August 8, 2011

Here's the missing email . . .

We didn't receive our normal email from Jeff last week. We found out this week that he wrote it and sent it (at least the computer said it was sent) but it never made it to us so he resent it with his letter this week.  Here is the letter from 8/1/11:

Bon Dia!!

We had another baptism in the ocean on Saturday!!! It was sweet!!! We did it in a different place, and it was even cooler! Wow, it was awesome. It was for Marisol. She had a problem and couldn't make it to church on Sunday to be confirmed, and now she is leaving on vacation to Venezuela, so we will have to get her confirmed when she comes back, but that's alright, as long as it happens!

Alright! The Nashville Tribute Band CD is finally coming out!!! That is awesome, I can't wait to hear it!!! Thanks so much for staying on top of that for me!!!

The packages did not get here from Santo Domingo yet that we know of, but should be on their way. Also, I forgot to tell you, but I did get Grandma Joy's letter safe and sound with the money inside.  Tell her thanks!  But still no sign of the package with the garments and everything, but that's alright, haha.

Wow, so many people from home are getting their mission calls, that is awesome!!!! It is so wonderful to see so many people make the decision to serve.

We are doing great here. We still have the two baptismal dates for two weeks, on the 13, Edward and Mariana. Edward is so awesome. He is such a great guy and has had such a great change of heart and is so ready to be baptized and go to the temple in a year!!!

We also had a sweet experience when we went to church yesterday. The branch president invited a Chinese couple to attend church, and they both showed up and sat down by his wife. I went up and got to know them after Sacrament Meeting, and then they went to the Sunday School Class. There, a man translated for them while we had the class because they didn't really speak Spanish. The class was on service, and the teacher asked if anyone had examples of service in their lives. The lady decided to share an experience and actually started crying, so we had to come back to her after some other people talked, but she said later that she felt so loved in the short couple of hours that she had been in the church, so cared for, that that was a service to her. What a sweet experience it was, to see that the pure love of Christ touched this woman, to the point of tears. It really is true that Charity never faileth. Not to say that we are perfect here and are perfectly full of charity, but I truly believe that it was that love, that feeling of comfort and care, even the Pure Love of Christ that touched that woman, and that can touch us all, and does touch us all, which comes from our perfect example, Jesus Christ. I testify that He lives and loves and knows each one of us perfectly.

Pics of the baptism are included!!!

I am so sorry to be so short again, but I'm out of time again. I love you!!!

Elder DeSpain

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