Monday, August 8, 2011

The Work Of Salvation Moves Forward . . . in AZ and in Aruba! Congratulations Darleen & Jon!

Bon Dia mi kerido famianan i amigunan!

I'm so sorry about last week, I was running overtime on my email, and I had like ten pics attached to my email, so it took forever to send, but it told me that it was sent so I thought it went! So I tried to send it again just now, so it should be there, sorry!! (We did get the one from last week and it is copied in below!)

The baptism we had last week was of Marisol, her children were baptized before I got here, but she has been holding out, and she finally got baptized, so it was sweet!!! They are a sweet family! I'm hoping that my other email went through to tell you more about that.

Darleen went through the Temple!!! Wow, and it was the Gila Valley Temple. Ah, I am soooo jealous!!! I would have died to be there!!! And especially for her sealing this weekend. Man, that's alright, we'll both be involved in the work of salvation at about the same time, haha, because we have two more baptisms this Saturday!

One is Edward, he is so awesome!! He had a really tough past, but he has changed so much and wants to go to the Temple with his finance, who is already a member. They are going to be so awesome!! I hope so badly that I can go to their sealing!!!

The other baptism is a Dominican lady, haha, dejavu. Her name is Mariana. She is the friend of another Dominican lady. She is a good lady, she loves to tell us stories about her past in the DR, haha, nice lady.

Wow, you met Mrs. Forcey!!!! That is so awesome!! I remember her, she was a great teacher!!! She's the reason that I could fix so many of your computer problems! She taught my computers class. I can't believe that she still remembers me!! Wow, you have to tell her hi for me!!! (I was volunteering at band camp with several other parents. Someone asked me how Jeff was doing. Another parent that I did not know heard us talking and said oh I know Jeff DeSpain. I asked her how she knew Jeff and she said that she was his teacher when he was a freshman. She said some really kind things about Jeff that she remembered from all those years ago when he was in her class so I passed those comments on to him. Fun!!)

I finally got your package!! The mail guy delivered it to my door!!! But it only had one pair of garments in it and a paper with pics and a bag of beef jerky so I think it might be a different than the other one that you sent to me. Did you say you sent two? If not, then I guess somebody that works at the Aruban customs is walking around in a nice white shirt, haha!

I am so grateful for the Gospel, and I find myself being more and more grateful for the commandments that Heavenly Father has given us. The commandments are so much more that rules, they are the key to our happiness. When we keep the commandments, then we have a happiness and a peace that others don't have, and that everyone else is looking for. People looking for happiness sometimes go in the wrong direction looking for it. If we are keeping the commandments, then we can know that help will come in our trials, and that is not just wishful thinking or what I think, that is a promise, the truth, and a rock hard fact! I testify that if we are doing our best, and keeping the commandments with all of our might, then we have the largest help in the world - The Lord, for He is the only one who has conquered the world. How grateful I am for His sacrifice that gives us eternal hope. Sometimes we have big trials and Satan tries to get us down and to lose our faith, sometimes to the point where we feel like we don't have any hope. I testify that it is not so, because whenever we look in the future with Jesus Christ, there is always light. I am not perfect with my hope either, but I pray that I can get better every day by turning my sight to Jesus Christ when I feel down.

I love you all so much, and thank you so much for all that you do!!!

Oh, P.S.- We went to Arikok National Park today it was sweet! I attached some pictures from there. The cool ones are from the Fontein cave (maybe you can find pics of it on their website). It was way cool, there were holes in the roof of the cave, so light got in and we could do some cool camera tricks! It was awesome! I should be able to send my SD card home with the President when we comes, so you should have more pics!

Oh, and how is the Nashville Tribute CD coming along?

I love you!

Elder DeSpain

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