Monday, March 5, 2012

Awesome Baptism!

Bon Tardi kerido famianan i amigonan

It was a great week, and it's looking like it's going to be another great one this week.  We are heading into the final week of the transfer, which means that transfers are coming up at the very beginning of next week.  Transfers are a lot of work, but I truly enjoy them.  It's such a cool experience to get to pick up the new missionaries and be a part of transfers and the behind the scenes work.  

Yesterday we had a big group of Americans who were here on a humanitarian effort.  I think that they've been here for a few weeks already, and they are doing dental work in the poorer areas of the country here.  It was cool to see them and very nice of that couple to send a picture home to you.  I cannot remember their names, sorry!  (A very nice couple from Utah surprised us early Sunday morning by texting a picture of Jeff and James, the newly baptized member to my cell phone!  What a happy surprise!)

James got baptized on Saturday!  It was great, he was so ready, and the service went great!  Then, on Sunday he showed up early and got confirmed and everything went great.  It truly was  blessing from the Lord to be able to be part of the baptism of a guy that was so solid after having a few transfers that were a little bit harder.  
Hey, so quick question, did you ever find out if we really are related to Rob DeSpain?  Because that would mean that we are somehow cousins with the other Elder Despain and Elder Clayton.  That would be sweet!

Man, that's too bad about ASU, I hope that they've got it all out for when I'm home and we can have good seasons in all of the sports, because it seems like they have struggled in general since I've been gone.  How is Highland High doing in sports?  

I am so sorry to hear about Sister Clouse.  She was a good lady.  I look up to Kevin, he is setting such a good example, and has such a strong testimony, he is a great man.  (Charlene Clouse, a wonderful lady in our ward passed last Monday after a two year battle with cancer.  She is the mother of seven boys.  Five are grown and married, one is 16 and still at home and the remaining son is Jeff's good friend Kevin who is currently serving a mission in Lima Peru.  We love Brother and Sister Clouse and are praying for their family and especially Kevin as he is away from home and family during this difficult time.  Kevin and Jeff used to go to the temple together once a week before their missions.  We love that guy and admire his strength and obedience!)

Hey, before I forget, there are a couple of elders here coming from Gilbert, Arizona, and I want to know if you know them.  One is coming in in the next transfer, and he is named Jenson Mikel Rainey, and the other one will be coming in the next transfer I think.  His name is Jacob Daniel Irizarry.  Do you know either of them?

We got to go to a really cool campo this week.  It's called Sabana Grande de Boya.  We had to check out a house that the mission has there.   It's the furthest area north that is in the mission I believe.  On the way back, we drove through a little bit of mountains that were probably more like hills, and it was gorgeous, I will try to send some pics when I can.  I'm sorry, we're really busy today and so I don't know if we'll have time.

Everything here is good, we are doing great, and being blessed greatly.  I truly have been blessed beyond measure here in the office.  I have a wonderful assignment, and am truly enjoying it.  We are helping things get better and better here in the office, at least as I feel, but I owe it all to the Lord.

I love you all!  Thank you for all that you do.

Elder DeSpain

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