Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey! So good to hear from you! Things are going so great here! We are being blessed beyond measure truly!

(The sister in our ward who updates the missionary plaques on the wall near the Bishop's office asked us for a picture and Jeff's favorite scripture so they can make a plaque for him.)
For the scripture, thank you so much for asking me, that was really nice of you, I think I would like to have D&C 88 verses 67 through 69, but I don't know if that will fit, and if not, that's absolutely fine. If it doesn't fit, don't worry about it and just put verse 67 on it, I think that might be the only thing that fits, and that's the one that I think would be better for the plaque. Thanks so much!

Hey, so the bug net I just haven't even thought of. I haven't heard of anyone who uses one yet, but the Lord is protecting me and I'm doing great, just got a few bug bites. I'm adapting to the humidity. What a blessing! Also, I haven't received either of the letters you sent to me through regular mail.

Things here are going so great! I forgot about Pedro the Chevy, haha. We are still teaching Pedro, we just haven´t seen him at church yet. But he is doing great and progressing to baptism, and I think if he goes to church once he will be doing even better and be progressing to baptism!
(Jeff told us last week about a new investigator named Pedro. Our whole family laughed out loud when we read that because Jeff had named the little Chevy Blazer that he drove before his mission Pedro!)

I am doing fantastic! We have had a lot of rain, but I had no idea it was from tropical storms. We haven't had any baptisms for the last few weeks, but we are working hard and we have a couple of more baptismal dates set in a couple of weeks from now. We're working hard, so the Lord knows the rest! We are so blessed though! We are teaching like 15 families and we are teaching so many potential Priesthood holders! It rocks! The Church has so much potential to grow out here! The other half of our area has two potential baptisms for the same day as us. So hopefully that will be a great day here in this ward, and the ward will really start to grow and become a strong stake of Zion!

We had a great experience this week. We were teaching a family whose parents are named Digno and Dulce. They were really kind of struggling. They're not married and they have two children. So the goal has been to have the whole family baptized on the same day, but they have really been struggling a little bit with coming to church and had been struggling with reading the Book of Mormon and praying together as a couple. We went there this week and they were really kind of struggling. They still weren't reading and praying together and they had been fighting a little bit with each other. On top of that, the bank had called and Digno was having problems with paying them. We taught them about how they could show their faith by reading the Book of Mormon together and praying together and that Heavenly Father would bless them and that if they would just try one time to start to read and pray for one night that it would get easier and easier and easier every time after that. We left them with that commitment and came back in two or three days, and they had done it! Not only that, they had done it and then the bank had called and told Digno to just pay when he could and everything is ok there! The Lord blessed them! And then they came to church on Sunday! It is amazing!

There is so much power in the Book of Mormon. If we read that Book every day and pray every day to Heavenly Father, we will see miracles! It truly is a book of miracles! But it is more than a book, I testify that it is the Word of God! It contains the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has conquered the world. He has felt every single thing that we feel in our lives, and He has conquered every single trial and difficulty that we have in our lives. I testify that He is always there and always knows the answer to our problems. When we want to talk to Heavenly Father, we pray, when we want Him to talk to us, we read the scriptures. The answers are in the Book of Mormon!

That's so awesome that you are all done with your work deadline and the Trek! I hope you finally get a chance to rest! I got the package. Thanks so much!

I love you so much, thank you for all that you have done, do, and will do for me!

Elder Jeff DeSpain

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