Thursday, October 14, 2010

Windows . . . Electricity . . . Water . . . Who needs those things???

Hey! Ya, so there's no glass in our windows, they're just kind of like big blinds, but I think that's so that air can get in, and it's a really big blessing because it keeps it from getting too hot! But The Lord blessed us each with a fan, so we do just fine. The electricity actually never goes off for more than like four hours. I used to think it was more because we were never in the apartment for long enough to see how long it took it to come back on, but it's usually only like four hours, and we have it all night, so it rocks! The Lord has blessed us so much with a schedule for electricity, because we always have it at the times when we need it! I get bug bites all the time, like during appointments a lot. I have a lot of them, but I'm getting used to it now. It's such a blessing that the Lord had me get all of those vaccinations! They're definitely keeping me safe!

Grandma Joy actually sent me a little flashlight, and it has been such a blessing! We have been able to use it in appointments a lot so that we can share scriptures and help investigators with their problems or teach them using the scriptures. That flashlight is bright too! Wow, it packs a punch for a little flashlight, that's probably because it take three batteries and not two! Haha, JK

Hey, Scott is so welcome for the letter, did it get there? Sorry it took so long! I missed him a week, sorry buddy!

All is well with the money! I did receive your package, thank you so much! I am so grateful for it! It was so yummy! The oreos were a tender mercy! And there's still a whole other package of them for us to eat. Thanks so much for it and thank so much for the letters! Ya, the money is fine, I haven't even needed to use my debit card yet. I've only been using the Church one. The Lord has blessed me and I've only had to use that money so far. And I converted all of my travel money into pesos, so I have plenty if there should ever be a problem, so no worries!
Thanks so much for telling me that about Elder Blake´s Mom. I really appreciate that!

Ya, Elder Blake said that this is actually the hardest that he's ever worked in his whole mission! I'm so glad that I could be a part of that. I'm so grateful that the Lord blessed me to be here and blessed me to be able to work hard and blessed us with so much success.

We are applying the new "Points of Emphasis" here that are going to help us have so much more success! So everything really points the investigators that we teach to baptism, because in the end, that is always what they need, because that is the only door to enter into the path that leads to eternal life. So we really start focusing now with one of the eight points from this new Points of Emphasis Program which is focusing on baptism. We've really been focusing on baptism in the first lesson and praying with the investigators, even in the first lesson, especially in the first lesson, and it goes so great! It helps these people progress so much faster and with so much more enthusiasm! Their lives are blessed quicker by focusing them faster on baptism. Interesting how that works!

We had a great experience this week with an investigator named Pedro. Pedro works at night and we visit him during the mornings. But during our first visit, we had the privilege to pray with Pedro, and Elder Blake shared with him the scripture that talks about the fruits of the Spirit, peace, joy, patience, and tried to help him understand that the peace that he was feeling was the Spirit and that that is how Heavenly Father answers our prayers, is through the Spirit and peace like he was feeling. I had the sweetest peace come over me. It was such a privilege to feel the Peace of God come over me. It is a peace that surpasses all understanding. It is when you are literally encircled in the Arms of Heavenly Father, and as it says in D&C 88: 3-4, it is the promise of Eternal Life. Heaven is a little bit closer when you feel that peace. Heavenly Father is there with you, He is abiding with you, staying with you, comforting you, speaking to you. What a priceless peace this is. It is the sweetest peace in this world, and that's because it comes from Heavenly Father. One other thing I had the privilege of learning this week, did you know that light is literally from the presence of Heavenly Father? I learned that this week. The sun doesn't make light, it reflects light that comes from Kolob. Wow, so we are literally surrounded in Heavenly Father's Light and Power. Wow, that is so awesome! I love that all of the light that we have is from Him! We are literally surrounded by light that comes from His presence!

Thank you so much for all that you do! I love you so much and will talk to you soon!

Elder Jeff DeSpain

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