Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our snail mail continues to disappear into a black hole . . .

We didn't get the normal email from Jeff this week. Not sure what happened. He did send a short reply to an email that Henry sent to him. Here is what we did receive:

Hey Dad!

Thanks for sending the copies of the Priesthood talks from Conference! I still haven't gotten any of them, ha ha, but that is fine. The Lord will take care of it! Sorry I haven't sent the memory card from my camera home so you can see some of my pictures. I think I will send the card home when I get the new cards in the mail that you sent me. (We have sent at least three or four letters through the regular mail to Jeff since he has been in the field, one of which had new memory cards for his camera in it. Two others had copies of Conference talks from the Priesthood session of Conference because he was not able to see that session. Jeff hasn't received any of these snail mail letters we have sent in the last month or so. Not sure why that is yet. But we hope to figure that out soon!)

We are doing great here! We are going to have two more baptisms this Saturday! And they are both going to be potential Priesthood Holders! That will be awesome and will really help out the ward here! It's kind of a smaller ward and there are quite a few inactives, so it will be really good to get some more Priesthood holders and see the Church grow here. We are so blessed to have such a strong ward, full of such good people back home in Gilbert.

Hey that's alright about the Arizona teams. (Henry, Scott and I try to give Jeff updates every so often on how the Cardinals and ASU are doing.) They'll pull it out, ha ha! Thanks for keeping me updated. How is Highland football doing? I'm doing great! Thanks so much and I love you so much!

Elder Jeff DeSpain

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