Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Elder Nelson Visited Us!

Saludos Familia y amigos!

Well, we had three baptisms on Saturday, and it was great! I attached a picture of it. We baptized Carlos Manuel, who is 18, Wellington, who is 18, and Rubi, who is like 14 I think. It went great! Carlos Manuel is on fire! He already wants to serve a mission, and he is already teaching the restoration! He is so good, giving us references and everything!

On Saturday we had a special conference with Elder Nelson from the Quorum of the 12! It was awesome, I got to shake his hand! And then, our stake got to have a special conference with him on Sunday, so we got to hear from them again. We also got to hear from two members of the Seventy who are here in the Caribbean Area Presidency, Elder Anderson (He is from Mesa) and Elder Coleman. It was fantastic! Great messages!

Today we had P Day because we got to go to the Temple this week! So P Day got moved to Wednesday. I felt such a great peace there, a peace that I haven't felt in a long time. It was so uplifting and strengthening. The blessings of the Temple are amazing!

I also got to go eat with Elder McBride and for the first time ever, we ran into Elder McGlothin from Gilbert! He ate with us too! We had Pizza Hut! Elder McGlothin and I were scripture buddies in seminary! It was awesome to have us three together! I attached a picture of us three too!

Before I forget, there are a few things that it would be awesome if you could send me. I don't need them by any stretch of the imagination, it would just be nice to have them.

A hammock would work perfect at our house right now. A haircutting kit, a razor and the clip on settings would be great to cut my hair often and for free! And last, has the Nashville Tribute CD come out yet? If so, that would be sweet!

My testimony of My Savior has been strengthened so much on my mission. You know, when I was younger, I would go to church every week, and I think close to every week I must have heard someone testify from the pulpit that they knew that Jesus Christ lived. But I didn't understand what that meant. I just thought that that was great and didn't really understand what that meant. Jesus Christ was crucified for us, and when He was in the Garden, He took upon Himself every single thing we will go through and feel in this life. He took upon Him every single fear, doubt, sin, chastisement, and transgression that we will ever feel upon Himself. We all feel alone sometimes, we all have times in our life when we think that there isn't anyone else who understands how we feel or what we're going through, but He went through something no one will ever know what it was like, and He did it alone, so that we wouldn't have to be alone. He was crucified, but He rose again. He lived again and He lives still, and that means that not only did He take all of those things upon Him, but He conquered every last one. With His Resurrection, everything was conquered, even death, as long as we come unto Him. He lives, and that's what it means, it means that we are NEVER alone and that He is always there, ready to help us and give us peace. I testify that He lives, and it means the world. I hope that I can keep a better understanding of that phrase in my life from here on out. When someone testifies that Jesus Christ lives, it means the world! It means peace, happiness and hope. So, I will echo the words of the Apostle Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in saying that when Gethsemane's of our own come, don't you stop walking! Keep going, and He will deliver you!

I love you all so much!

Elder DeSpain

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