Monday, February 7, 2011

Yes, we have running water!!!


The packages got here! On Thursday I got five packages! Thank you soooo much! The shoes are great and we are loving the cereal, from both you and Grandma! Thanks so much to both Grandmas for the packages, I have not thanked you enough! I really love you!

Our water did get hooked up. What happens is that water doesn't always run into the house, only during the mornings sometimes. So the guy hooked up a pump that runs that water up to a big tank on the roof that holds our water called a tinaculo. Then, the water is fed down through another tube connected to the water for the faucets in the house, so now water goes in everything! Its really nice, like a real house! So we are doing great now! And yes, our apartment is pink, haha! But its awesome, a great blessing from The Lord!

Wow, Scott, you're tearing it up on the basketball court buddy! Keep it up! Did you know that I never scored more than four points in a game until I was like a Sophomore? You are doing great! Keep it up! I cant wait to see how you're doing when I get back! (We told Jeff that Scott is playing WHAM basketball for the first time this year and he really likes it!)

I actually don't know the Mehrs, but ask the Petersons if they're in the ABC Islands, because I know that there is a senior couple down in one of the islands down there. That couple is actually the only missionaries on the island! (The Petersons in our old ward have a brother in law and his wife serving in Jeff's mission and wanted us to ask Jeff if he had met them yet.)

Thanks so much for getting the money taken care of Mom! I really appreciate that! Well, I think the most fun thing that I spent my Christmas money on was today at a place called Los Tres Ojos, which are like 3 underground lakes, really cool! We went in there, and then there was this one guy in there who would climb up to this ledge of the cave and jump off if you paid him like 300 pesos, which is like 10 bucks. So, we said, its only like three bucks a person, and we paid him, and then he went over and climbed up to this ledge about thirty feet up the cave, and he jumped off and did a dive, it was sweet! He said that he has been doing that for 54 years! And he is 61, so since he was 7! Crazy, huh!

Wellington is doing great! He came to church again this week with a friend named Carlos Manuel, They are both 18 and have a friend in the Church named Jensi. Now they both have fechas for the 19th of this month. That will be so awesome, they want to serve missions, so in a year there will be three missionaries! They are awesome! Wellington's family also came to church, well, at least his mom and his sister, so they are doing great!

(We asked if he ever gets to go to the temple in Santo Domingo.) The Temple is close, but we still haven't had the opportunity to go since I have been out in the field (middle of September). We will be going the 23rd of this month. I will get to go with the families that I work with who get baptized, but I haven't had any that are able to go to the temple yet because I haven't been here long enough yet. We are always searching for new families to teach. We've got one right now that we're just waiting on papers with.

Thanks for all that you do and all that you have done for me. Never forget that The Savior lives, and that means that He can conquer whatever is in your life and give you hope!

Elder DeSpain

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