Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Scott!!!


Haha, well Mom, let me just say that you have nothing to worry about, The Lord is watching out for us, and even if we get robbed a couple of times, that's a small price to pay for the Kingdom of God, right? Actually, to be honest, I bet Brother Richardson would be surprised if you told him that we live in Los Guandules. It's quite the experience down here. But don't worry Mom, because I'm not worried. (Brother Richardson is the young guy in our ward that served in Jeff's mission just a couple of years ago. When I told him where Jeff had been transferred to, he was kind of quiet like maybe he was deciding what would be appropriate to share with a missionary's mom. I already knew from another conversation with Brother Richardson that Jeff's first area of Guachpita was one of the two areas in the mission with the highest gang crime problems, so when Brother Richardson was so quiet when I told him about Jeff's next transfer to La Cienaga, I was pretty sure that wasn't a good sign! No worries though . . . apparently Jeff says he is just fine!)

Brother Richardson is exactly right. Los Guandules and La Cienaga are on the hill coming up from the Ozama River, then Guachupita, and then Maria Auxiliadora, all going uphill from the river.

The shoes are fantastic!!! In fact, they're all that I wear, so I'm really sorry, but being the condition of my others, could you send me a pair just like these ones you just sent, they're awesome!

Oh, the Mehrs must be serving in the entire Caribbean area of the Church! Haha, Jamaica isn't in our mission, but they are probably based here in Santo Domingo. I think I remember her saying that, and that is because the Church Headquarters for the Caribbean Area is in Santo Domingo, how lucky are we?!!

Wellington and Carlos Manuel are doing so good! They're going to get baptized this week! Wow, Carlos Manuel is doing so great! We always find him reading the Book of Mormon, and now he and Wellington both have white shirts and ties, so they are looking good! They came to Church, and Carlos Manuel was giving prayers and reading, man, they are doing so good! Wellington's Mom and Sister came and Carlos Manuel's brother came too! They are great missionaries! They are doing great, and we're hoping for the families to get baptized too, but we need papers for Wellington's Mom, and we need to start teaching his Dad too.

I think we actually ran into the Branch President's mom and we are now teaching her too! She is awesome. The Branch President said something about it from the pulpit in church on Sunday, and I think it's his Mom!

I love you all so much and Happy Birthday to Scott Jay E´Spain, Big Boy, Brother! (That is what Scott used to call himself when he was little!) I love you buddy, and there's a card on the way.

Keep up the great work, and if you're going through hard times in your life, hang in there, and remember that your Savior and Redeemer lives, that phrase means not only that He has conquered death, but He has conquered your struggles as well, and relief is closer than you think. I testify as well that He lives.


Elder DeSpain

P.S. I think I need another SD card so I will have an extra.

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