Monday, May 16, 2011

Almost Missed The Letter Today . . .


I´m sorry about this morning, we logged off at a half hour and now we’re using the other half hour so that I can write to you! I hope that’s alright, but I think it is. (When I went to the computer to send our email to Jeff this morning, he had just sent a very short email to us saying that he was at the Internet place early today. I hurried and sent our letter hoping he would still be on the computer and be able to read it. We didn’t hear anything more from him for six hours so I felt sick because I was afraid we had missed getting our letter to him today – but – tender mercy for me– he only used half of his internet time this morning and got to use the other half to read our letter and reply to us this afternoon! I was so, so grateful to see his email this afternoon!)

It was a huge blessing for me to be able to talk to you too! It was so nice and such a blessing!

Elder Clase is almost done, he only has one week left! He’s still working hard, but I can tell he’s ready to go home, haha. So by the time that I talk to you next week, I think that I should know who my new companion will be!

We had zone conference on Thursday, and Elder Clase talked to President, and the mission helped out with Kartel and Kenya, because they got a little bit of money themselves, and then the mission helped out with some and the branch too! They are going to get married on Wednesday and then baptized on Saturday! What a miracle! I cannot believe how blessed we have been this transfer! If everything goes good we will have been a part of the baptism of two families, and I can’t wait for in a year when they both get sealed in the Temple! That will truly be a dream come true! We have been unbelievably blessed this transfer! Elder McBride and Elder Miller came over yesterday and did the interview for Alex, so he is good to go too! He will be baptized this Saturday as well with Kartel and Kenya and two of their children. Maris actually went to the river instead of going to church yesterday, so we’re going to have to keep working with her and try to work with her little brother who isn’t a member either. It would be sweet to complete their family so they can all be baptized members of the Church!

Wow, I can’t believe that picture got back to me! (Elder McBride’s mom put a picture on his blog that had Jeff and Elder McBride and some other elders in it using this make-shift grill on a concrete floor to grill hamburgers. I attached it to my email this week and asked Jeff to tell us what all was going on in that picture. I got permission from Elder McBride’s mom to post it on Jeff’s blog also.) That’s from a couple of P-days ago We were playing basketball, and then it started to rain, so we started playing volleyball in the rain, we have to use the time we have, haha! Then, this is underneath some chairs at the church in my old area, we were having a barbecue, but here we were cooking over hot coals and we were trying to dry out too. The elder sitting next to me is actually a football player at Snow College in Utah. The elder sitting right in front of the camera who you can only see the back of his head is named Elder Carrol, and he went to Mesa High and is also the only other elder in the mission that I know of that went to ASU! He knows Trent Lewis too!

Well, we are doing great here in La Cienaga, this has been one the best transfers of my mission. I still can’t believe that we have been part of helping two families be baptized in one transfer. It is such a blessing, and it will be a dream come true when I get to go to the temple with them. I seem to grow a little bit every week. I think that many times spiritual growth comes without us noticing it. In my studies this week I’ve found that the Book of Mormon really highlights three traits, faith, hope, and charity. That was something that I had never recognized before, but those seem to be huge characteristics in our Eternal journey. It really has been amazing to me to see how the Plan of Heavenly Father works, how really, the real happiness in this life comes from making someone else happy, from having charity. That has been a very interesting yet simple Gospel truth for me. It’s like the Lord’s medicine for us it seems, when we are struggling, it seems like what can help us is thinking about someone else, putting their needs before our own. I am so grateful for the Gospel and it’s blessing and guidance in my life. It truly is the only way to be happy in this life, and there is no other way to find happiness!

I love you all and thanks for all that you do for me!

Elder DeSpain

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