Monday, May 2, 2011

The Mother's Day Call Is Just Around The Corner!


Before I forget, I didn`t even know that Mother`s Day was this week, but luckily the other missionaries told me, and so we’re pretty much going to do the same thing as last time. I need you to figure out the time difference and then call me at 9 PM my time. We are using the cell phone again. I volunteered to go first, and then Elder Clase will go after me, but his call is easier because he’s calling in the country. What I told him was that I would go from 9:00 until 9:45, so we’ll go with that. President didn’t say anything about the Mother’s Day phone calls in his email this week, but that’s what we’ve got for right now. Should be pretty much the same as the Christmas call.

We did get to have two more baptisms and confirmations this last week, Maria De Los Angeles and Fran got baptized and confirmed (picture on the blog). But unfortunately Lidia didn’t come this Sunday to get confirmed after being baptized last Sunday, so we went by there to see what was up and it looks like she was sick with a headache. But we taught her some more, and are hoping that she makes it this Sunday.

Kartel and Kenya are doing much better now, the only thing holding them up at this point and also Miguel and Brijida is money. They got their checks, but they just didn’t have anything. Kartel had to pay for some medicine for his mom and Miguel just doesn’t have anything, I think they don’t eat sometimes because they just don’t have any money. So, we’re still waiting and praying with them, but The Lord has a plan for them just as He does for everyone else.

We are doing good. We had a lot of people in Church yesterday, and some who can have a baptismal date, so we will hopefully be putting some baptismal dates this week.

Ya, the Holy Week was pretty crazy down here, but things are always a little out of order in our area. The whole area that I’ve worked in here my whole mission is just really poor, some of the poorest area in the country, so it’s always interesting.

I attached several photos this time around because the computer will let me now. The first one is of the three statues that Brother Richardson was talking to you about Mom. I went there when I was with Elder Clayton around the first of the year. The next one is of the Baptism of Junior and Juana, followed by the baptism of Lidia, followed by the baptism of Maria De Los Angeles and Fran. Elder Clase and I have been unbelievably blessed in our time together here.

Things are going good here in La Cienaga. It seems that every week I see a tender mercy of the Lord in my life, a miracle. But the thing is, I never recognize it usually. It’s amazing how the Lord works in our lives, He works miracles, but sometimes we don’t quite recognize them until we look back. I love you all and keep up the good work and take a look back in your lives and I’ll bet you’ll see the Lord’s hand!

Elder DeSpain

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