Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Birthdays This Week!

Bon tardi!

First off, Happy Birthday Mom (tomorrow) and also to Todd!  Sorry, I have been so bad about that since I've been on my mission.  I hope that you both have great days and enjoy your birthdays.

I've been doing well here, just a little sick this last week.  I think it was just a virus combined with some things that I ate that might have made me sick.  But I'm doing good and I hope on the mend!

We were able to get the problem fixed with the water at our house.  What happened actually was that we had to have a "check" (at least that's what it's called in Spanish) valve replaced on the front and main waterline in the house, so a man came over and did it for us, but he had actually put it on backwards, and what a check valve does is let water go through in one direction, but keeps it from flowing back in the other direction.  So, ours was put on wrong so that we weren't getting any water let in from the main line to the house and it was only letter water out which meant that it was letting the water from our tinaco flow out of the pipes of the house and back into the main street lines, haha.  So, luckily a new man that the landlord hired came and fixed that for us, and now we're doing great, loving having water all of the time!  That's a great blessing from the Lord.

Yes, President lives in the West Mission, right next to the Temple.

We had to hand over the teaching of Jonathan to the sister missionaries who are serving here in Gazcue, and they are teaching him now because he is only available in the mornings, and we are never able to come in the mornings because we work in the office during the morning.  He came to church yesterday!  And he brought a couple of friends too, so hopefully he will be able to have a new baptismal date at some point.

We've been blessed with more success in the area, and a new man came to church yesterday with an investigator.  His name is Jeremiah, and he seems like a great guy with a great heart, so we are hoping to be able to set a baptismal date with him soon.

Man, I'm so glad that the Cardinals won, that means that had a .500 season.  That is fantastic for how they started.  I hope that next year that means that they will be ready to have a great season!  That's too bad about Brock Oswieler, did they say who would probably be the next quarterback?

Wow, Collin Montgomery is going to Africa?  That is so sweet!  I was going to ask you about Zack Smith and Matt Olsen, I heard that they put their papers in too.  

Wow, it sounds like Scott is tearing it up at football!  That is so sweet buddy, I can't wait to be at home again and watch you play!  And Todd, it sounds like you're quite the golfer buddy, that is sweet!  We'll have to go when I get back.  Leah, I'm so proud of you on getting your patriarchal blessing.  I know that you are a really special girl and daughter of your Heavenly Father.

Thank you all for all that you do and the great examples that you are to me.  I was blessed more than I ever could have deserved with the family and friends that I have, and with the wonderful place I was blessed to be able to grow up in.  I have been blessed to be able to see and learn from amazing examples in my life of people who are men and women of God.  I hope that while I am out here I am representing well those who have come before me.

I love you all!

Elder DeSpain

I attached a few pictures this time.  (Henry will put them on the blog tonight.) A couple are of a road that we travel on a lot that leads down the ocean, another one is of the three assistants.  There is Elder Green, Elder Jensen, and Elder Mecham, the only one that you haven't seen before is Elder Jensen (see if you can figure out who he is).  And the other is picture of when I ran into the guide wire last week when we went out on an early morning run, haha.  Don't worry Mom, I am completely fine and completely healed, just thought it would be funny to send home.  I love you!

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