Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Elder DeSpain!

Bon tardi kerido famia y hendenan di mi!

Thanks for the Happy Birthday!  I haven't had a whole lot of time to think about that lately, but that's good, haha.  Yes, I would much rather just celebrate it at home when I get there with all of you!  It's crazy that it's so close.  I might try to get a cake or something and have with the guys in the office, but I don't want to make that big of a deal out of it, so I might just go to Baskin Robins with them or something like that.  Thank you for the money!  (With Jeff coming home less than two weeks after his birthday we decided it didn't make sense to ship packages to him this time, only to have to pack up the presents and bring them home again.  We put some money in his account and asked him to buy something that he would like to bring home.  We also asked him to buy whatever treat he has been craving and share it with the others serving in the office.  He' not much of a "cake" fan but he loves ice cream so hopefully he will get to enjoy something along those lines!)

Ya, things have been pretty crazy in the office.  We were here until four in the morning the other night because a bunch of people were needing to go to the doctor that day, and we had to do credit card transactions, support payments, and housing payments that day also.  All of the training, and at the same time having to implement a lot of new policies and procedures that I hadn't done in the past because of the things that we found in the audit make it a little crazy around here lately.  But, the Lord helped us out and we got it all done and we got to rest a little bit on Saturday and that has helped me out a lot.  I've just got to prioritize and plan a little bit better, and then go from there and just do the best that I can, because that's all that I can do.

Wow, haha, I guess you've got about as many people asking you how much time I've got left as I do here.  I didn't know that Bishop Oborn is the Bishop now!  Wow, isn't Brother Bawden a Bishop now too?  Crazy how things have changed since I left.  

Everything is going good here, I got a ticket on Thursday for running a red light, but it was a little ridiculous considering it was on a one way street and the cop was standing (they don't have cars here) on the other side of the intersection on a one way road and thus couldn't even see the light.  I felt kind of bad, but that was the day after the night that we were in the office until 4 AM, so I wasn't as good as I could have been to the cop, but I got the ticket so it's just a bummer and now I've just got to pay it and move on.

I am excited to see you and and be with you again!  I can't wait, but I'm trying not to think too much about it and just focus on what I'm doing until I am finished, otherwise it can get a little bit frustrating, haha, but please don't stop talking about it when you guys email me, that doesn't bother me at all.

Dad asked me about a couple of things the day that I get home.  That is fine if President Salmon asked me to come in and report to the High Council afterwards, that's not a problem, we can do that.  The only thing is as soon as I get in that day, let's go to the best Mexican place you guys know of, because I'm dying for some good authentic stuff, haha.  And I am very excited for the Weech Reunion after that!  (Jeff's plane is scheduled to land at 3:35 on July 17th.  We got a call asking us to be at the Stake President's office at 6:00 for Jeff to be released and then they also asked if he could report to the High Council that night at 7:00.  We'll find a time to work in the Mexican food some time that night also I'm sure!) 

I love you all and I can't wait to see you soon!


Elder Jeff DeSpain

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