Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey Guys,

It's Jeff! I'll get to email every Tuesday. I will only be able to write letters to you on Tuesdays, but please keep sending them all week! I have been so blessed, I get the most letters out of anyone in my district! I'm so grateful for all of you back home!

I've been really busy here! I'm in class all day or at a devotional, and for eightish hours most days with a teacher and then about four hours with just my companion. I should be leaving for the Dominican Republic on August 5th roughly, so do use that date on the address code in the letters that you send me. They have all kinds of food here! I have a great companion, his name is Elder Holt and he is from Kaysville, Utah. He has one other sister, and he's the only other kid in the family. He's great and we get along really well! I survived the first week so far, ha ha! We still have to do our laundry later. Oh, Elder Holt has the same birthday as me and we're going to the same mission, ha ha! What are the chances? I love you all so much and thanks so much for the letters and for all that you do. I sent a letter back to Scott today so it shouldn't be long and you'll have another one buddy!


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