Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jeff's First Letter Home - July 15th 2010

Hey Guys,

I'm here safe & sound! I leave for the Dominican Republic on August 5th. I have a great companion, Elder Holt from Kaysville, Utah. I'll be here for three weeks then I'm off. I've already seen a bunch of guys I know, including Elder Dixson. It's weird to thinkthat I'm now officially a missionary! Be good & I love you guys! Hope to hear from you soon!


(We have sent four letters already - including one that I mailed two days before he even flew out so it would be there the day he arrived. Unfortunately, the address he was given to use before he left is a little different than the one he was given when he got there. Hopefully the letters we sent using the original address have made their way to him by now! The address on the blog is the correct one. The only change is the four digit code on the line that begins with DOM.)

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