Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jeff reported to the Provo MTC today! His flight left early this morning at 7:25. We knew that he would be on the same flight with a friend of his, Jackson Law, but that's all we knew. When we were standing in line to check his luggage, we were surprised to see at least six other elders and their families doing the very same thing. We went upstairs to see Jeff off at the security check point and while we were talking with him there, we saw MORE elders. We believe there were about 10-12 elders on that same flight! That was an awesome sight to see! What a wonderful feeling to be there with all of these other families sharing the same experience. Even though we only knew one other elder in the group, it was a very powerful, peaceful, sustaining feeling to see all of these faithful, obedient young men heading off to places around the earth ready and willing to serve the Lord!

We knew we couldn't go down to the gate to see Jeff off and watch his plane take off like we used to do in the "olden days". We were a little sad about that, but a tiny little miracle came our way. Henry looked around the terminal until he found a map that showed us that "Gate 16" just happened to be the first gate just past the security check point. So we were able to watch out a window from the main part of the terminal and see the plane taxi to the run way and take off! Such a tiny little thing . . . but to some of us it was a tender mercy this morning!

We are excited for Jeff to start his service as a fulltime missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ and we look forward with great anticipation to his first letter home!

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