Monday, November 1, 2010

Yeah! Word from the DR!

(We wondered what happened last week because we only got a few sentences from Jeff as a reply to an email that Henry had sent - not the normal email. We thought there might have been computer problems and it looks like that was what happened.)

Hey! So here's the deal. Really sorry, but all of the computers crashed last week right when I was just about to send the email, sorry! But it's all good! Here's what's left of last weeks email:

Hey family! Thanks so much for getting the plaque set up, I really appreciate it! Digno and Dulce are doing good, they just didn't come to church this week. They really seem happier, and what a privilege to experience that in someone's life! Now Dulce will actually have to go back to the town where she was born and take care of some paperwork. I don't know if they can afford a bus ticket right now, but I know that The Lord will provide if they want to get baptized! He is always in charge! Pedro actually is a contact that we made, but he hasn't come to church yet. He had a baptismal date, but since he hasn't come to church yet, we will have to continue to work with him and help him gain a testimony about attending church! No way, haha, I didn't know that you knew a Dulce too, haha! (I grew up with a girl who had a little sister named Dulce so when I saw the name I told Jeff about her.)

Ok, now for this week! We had two with baptismal dates for this last Saturday. One of them did get baptized! His name is Sano. He is actually Haitian, and it was awesome because there is another Haitian that is in our ward here that got baptized about three months ago and he baptized Sano! His name is Celio and he is a super stud! He has the faith of Nephi of old, wow, he is doing great! I sent a picture of me and Elder Blake standing with them before their baptism. (New picture on the blog.) You've got to tell me what you think, because I've had two people now tell me that I'm getting fatter! haha, I was flattered! Never have I been so honored as to have someone call me fat, haha, JK!

As for the other man that had a baptismal date, his name is Fermin. He is doing great! He's trying to stop smoking, the only thing was that we couldn't find him all the last part of last week! We would pass by his house like two or three times a day but couldn't find him. Then he actually showed up to the baptism in a white shirt! We asked him if he had smoked and he said that he had the day before. So we are postponing his baptismal date until this week, but that will be great! He is a great guy with a great heart!

Thank you so much mom for sending me that story about the Grovers in that last email. I am sooooo grateful for that! And Grovers, thank you so much! You are a great family full of people that will be working miracles for the Lord your whole lives! Thank you for the example that you are to me!

Thank you to everybody back home! You are all such great examples to me and have been such a big impact on my life! Now that I have been in a ward where the activity rate isn't as high, it has made me recognize how blessed I am to live in such a great place with so many great people! Keep up the great work and thanks so much for the example that you set for me! I love you all very much and am so grateful for all that you do for me! Oh, one more thing! I am very sorry, but I haven't received mail in almost three weeks, so I apologize and I promise I will write back to any of the letters, I just haven't received them yet. But thank you so much to all those of you who write me, I really appreciate it!

Love, Elder DeSpain

P.S. It's que lo que not kay oh kay - ha ha! It means "what's up" here. As for the language, I feel like the Lord has blessed me more than I ever could have asked for with my Spanish. He has blessed me so much that I have been able to understand these people and I have been speaking to them and making good progress. But it's all thanks to Him! I truly am nothing without Him. I'm so grateful that He lets me help in His work! (This paragraph was in response to Henry telling Jeff about a friend from our ward who just returned from a mission in Puerto Rico, Jared Hardy. Jared asked Henry to tell Jeff "que lo que" which apparently we slaughtered quite badly in our attempt to spell it! Henry also asked Jeff how the Spanish was coming for him.)

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