Monday, November 22, 2010

I Walked Down The Oldest Street In The New World

Hey everyone!

Hey, we haven't received instruction yet on how the call home will work on Christmas Day. I've actually heard that it's different depending on where you are, but I will let you know once I know!

The baptism that we still had scheduled actually didn't end up working out. The girl would like to wait for her family to get baptized, but we're not sure what's going to happen with them for sure because they didn't come to church again, so they're kind of struggling to progress. But The Lord did bless us with another baptismal date for this Saturday! We had been praying to Heavenly Father to let us have more success if it was His will, and we ended up teaching a Haitian 21 year old named Obinson. He is a stud! He was actually referred to us from the Haitian convert named Celio. He is way ready! He wants to be a missionary! He is so ready! We had only taught him probably two or three times, and he is already ready for baptism! Talk about the Elect of God! Wow, so he has a baptismal date this week for Saturday, and then the missionaries in the other half of our area actually have a baptism scheduled for this Sunday at 8 AM before Church!

So I don't think that they know that Thanksgiving exists down here, haha, but it will just be a normal day for us I'm pretty sure for that day. We don't eat with the members, but sometimes that can be a blessing, haha!

Oh, so I thought I would let you know what we did today so far. We went into the office and then we went to a place called the Conde. It is the oldest street in the new world! That means it's the oldest street in the Americas! It's like a street that you walk down with shops. There is a Pizza Hut and a KFC there, and we ate at the KFC, it was so good! Then we went to a supermarket, and then we came here, and then we're going to fly chichiguas. They are home made kites! You take a reed and break it into three pieces, then you take a grocery bag and tie it over the top, and then you just use some string and put a tail on it and it flies! Some people here put Gillette razors in the tail, and then they try to cut down other kites! It is sweet!

Ok, I'm glad I'm not there to here Mom scream, but I think all the pictures I have taken so far on my camera are gone. I actually think that I must have left the camera at the Internet place two weeks ago when I was emailing, and someone must have stolen it from the Internet Center where it was at. I've checked everywhere and we went back to the Internet Center and they didn't have it. I have checked everything in the apartment and it's not there, so I'm going to need you to send me another one, maybe in the Christmas package. I did get the new SD card, so I have one of those, but I guess I'm going to need a new camera. The good news is, you have all of the pictures of my baptisms and the cool pictures from the MTC, and I have two hard copies of the pictures at the MTC here. We were only allowed to take pictures on two days at the MTC, so there's not a whole lot to miss there, haha. I'm really sorry, and please tell Grandma D I'm really sorry too because she bought me that camera. I'm so sorry, that is totally my fault. (We are not worried about the camera. It can be easily replaced. But we are sad about the pictures being gone. We aren't sure how many pictures he had on his camera, but we have only received three hard copies of pictures from the Provo MTC and 8 pictures from him in the DR through email. Oh well . . . he is safe and happy and serving the Lord . . . they're only pictures!)

Thank you so much to everyone for all that you do for me and the examples that you are to me in my life! I'm so grateful for all the blessings in my life! The Lord truly sent me to live in the best place in the world!

Elder Jeff DeSpain

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