Monday, November 8, 2010

No Big Hurricaine Damage in Santo Domingo, Thankfully!

Hey everyone!

So we did know about the hurricane. We had heard that it hit Haiti. We did get a lot of rain and wind, but nothing that kept the work from progressing. The Lord really helped us and it didn't even rain that much during the times when we were out tracting! Wow, but I feel bad for the people in Haiti. They've had a rough series of events!

Just one random little thing that I remember someone asking me that I never answered. I talk to Elder Blake in English. I've had a few people ask me if we speak Spanish all the time or what, but we speak English to each other and Spanish to the people. Sorry, that was a totally random note that I thought of.

Fermin actually has not been at his house when we pass by for quite some time. We have run into him a couple of times, but he is really struggling. He needs some more time, so we're going to wait until this weekend to talk to him. He's got a good heart though.

Hey, no worries about the letters! I just got like fifteen of them this week. We picked some up today at the office and I got a bunch last week too, including the one from Dad that had the Priesthood talks in it, but not the one with the memory cards in it. But that's fine, no worries! It will all work out. The Dearelder letters are coming through just fine, and I think the SDQ address is correct for the regular letters! I'm really sorry to the Karges family because I just got a dearelder letter from them that they wrote probably two months ago! I think it got to the MTC after I left there! Sorry Karges family, I'll write you back! I'm going to write everyone back, it's just a matter of the letters getting here first, haha!

So things are going great! We haven't seen a whole lot of baptisms, but the Lord has blessed us with the privilege of teaching so many families! The thing with the families here is that almost none are married that we teach, so we need to go through the process first of getting them married before they can be baptized. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure though! Wow, we have about 50 investigators right now! It is amazing to see the Hand of the Lord in our lives and in this work! It's amazing to see the people that He puts in our path. It really is true that there is no such thing as a coincidence. The Lord is in charge and everything happens for a reason!

Ok, so I promised Dad that I would tell you what happened last week when we got robbed. So we were entering a street and Elder Blake was in front of me, two guys came up behind me and one grabbed my arm. This was all in plain sight of people at like one o'clock in the afternoon. They showed me a gun and told me to be quiet and call Elder Blake, so I decided real quick that I would do that, haha. I called Elder Blake and he came back and they checked our pockets and let us go. They went down a street to the left and we went down a street to the right to get our lunch. Then, when we got to the house where our lunch was, they passed us again, and there were people around again, so Elder Blake gave them a high five and then one of them tried to take his CTR ring! How ironic. So Elder Blake took his hand back, but this time they pulled the gun out on us, so Elder Blake let them try to take it and they figured it was plastic and took off. The same two guys robbed us twice in a matter of like five minutes! The Lord was watching out for us, I am so grateful for His protection, because I know that it was only because of His protection that we got out ok. He is always protecting us, so don't worry Mom!

(Last week we got a nice, long, wonderful email from Jeff telling us about several great things that were going on with the missionary work in the area where he is serving. He attached a picture which he rarely does. I have the email address of his companion's mother so I forwarded a copy of the picture to her. In her email back to me, she thanked me for the picture and said how good they both look and how well they must be doing there together. Then she asked if Jeff had mentioned that they had been held up with a gun. [No . . . he hadn't mentioned that little experience to us at all!] She shared some details. I was scared at first and then I got pretty miffed that someone would even think about bothering missionaries on the Lord's errand! Every time I hear about something like this it makes me crazy. What kind of person robs a servant of the Lord??? Anyway, by lunch time that day I came to the conclusion that the Lord can protect his missionaries anywhere in the world better than I can protect one right here in Gilbert so I just try not to think about it. I decided not to ask Jeff about it, but I knew Henry would probably question him about the experience and he did so the paragraph above is in response to Henry trying to figure out what all really happened!)

Thank you so much for all that you do! I am so grateful for my family and friends. We taught two families last night and I testified both times about how I had parents who were good examples to me and taught me to do what was right and that my life is by far different today because of them and the things that they have done for me in my life. That goes for everyone in my life, my family, cousins who have set a good example for me and Grandma's and Grandpa's that have taught me how to live by their examples and have left behind a legacy that I hope to live up to! I have had friends that have been such a good influence in my life and been so good to me. I come from a ward full of fantastic examples that I wish to become like. Thank you so much to everyone for all that you do. You mean more to people than you know! Thanks so much, and I will talk to you next week!

Elder Jeff DeSpain

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