Saturday, June 16, 2012

Audit Week!

No regular email on Monday this week again.  Jeff and his companion have been extra busy with office stuff.  Henry finally received this short email from Jeff on Thursday.

Hey Dad,

I figured that I better take a few minutes and do what I can of my email now. I'm doing good, we had the audit yesterday, and it went good.  Now we´ve got 30 days to take care of everything that they found in the audit and get everything that we can in order. One of the big tasks for that will be reviewing all of the housing contracts that we have for the 70 or 80 houses that we have in the mission. Through the process of preparing and doing the audit, we found a lot of problems in the housing department of the mission too. That is my companion's assignment. So, we're just cleaning up the whole office now. There are quite a few problems with the housing department, and luckily we found those and can start working on them.  We're very blessed that Elder Marte is here in the office as the Housing Elder.  He and I both really want to do things right and get everything fixed up and how it should be.  It seems like I have been working my tail end off and we are making progress but there is a lot more to do!  We will keep giving it all we have and with the Lord's help we should be able to get a lot of things in better order.

I love you Dad, thanks for sending the pictures, haha.  I was wondering why you sent a video of the microwave, haha, but it was really nice to see the house again.  (We have been wanting to remodel our kitchen for a few years now and we finally got that started this past week.  Henry sent Jeff pictures of the kitchen as things were being torn out.  One picture was of the microwave being carried out of the kitchen.  That's a big joke in our family because it's the microwave that Henry and I were given for our wedding 24 years ago.  We tell the kids that we've had it longer than we have had any of them!)

Sorry, I forgot that I never sent this. I love you!

Elder DeSpain 

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