Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doing good . . . just the busiest I've ever been, I think!

Bon nochi di Santo Domingo

I am doing good here in Santo Domingo, just still busy. This last week, I just couldn't quite get out of the office at 3 PM. There are just so many things that are beyond my control that happen that prevent me from doing that. I have a lot of things to do, especially with the transfer coming up. I tried my best to put things aside and get out, but we still couldn't quite get out like we had planned. But I think that President understands that it will still be crazy for a few weeks. Elder Delarosa had a weird rash of some sort show up on his leg this week too, which limited him on what he could do. Elder Jenson is doing good, I'm actually here with him right now. He is just about to be back to normal I think. He is still staying at President's house, but he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and hopefully there they will give him the 2 thumbs up to go and he will be good to start getting back into the normal swing of things.

Today was quite busy. There was a problem in Salt Lake and the support payments for the missionaries didn't come on time, so some missionaries didn't have money and we had to do some problem solving. But, the Lord helped us work everything out.

The transfer is coming up next week, so that means that we will be busy getting ready for it this week. We will be opening one house, and there's some thing going on with the transfers down in the islands that I have been working with as well. It's going to be a pretty sweet transfer.

Wow, Grandma saw Sis. Ward? That's cool, haha, she has written to a couple of people here and told them that she saw Grandma Joy at her homecoming.

Elder Delarosa will be training in this next transfer, and we will be a threesome. If it ends up that way, then it really looks like I will finish in the office, I would love that!

Sorry to be short, but everything here is good, I'm doing good, just still struggling to get to a point where I can finish enough work to be out of the office at 3 PM or 4 PM or whatever it may be so that we can also work in our area, but I hope that the Lord understands. I'm doing good, just the busiest I've ever been in my life I think!  I love you all, keep up the good work!


Elder DeSpain

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