Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crazy Few Weeks!

Things have been extra crazy for Jeff the past few weeks.  One of the Assistants to the President, Elder Jensen has been in the hospital for more than a week recovering from pneumonia.  The week prior to being admitted to the hospital he was struggling with sickness and had to stay at President Hernandez' house.  This meant that either the other AP (Elder Green) or one of the office elders (Elder DeLaRosa or Jeff) have been taking turns staying with Elder Jensen for about three weeks.  Jeff loves Elder Jensen and has enjoyed his time staying with him.  We have been praying for Elder Jensen and his family at home.  This situation means that the remaining two missionaries have been trying to take care of the responsibilities of both the APs and the Office Elders for the past three weeks.  Because of this Jeff was not able to write a normal letter last week and it doesn't look like we will be getting one again this week.  We have received a couple of one liners each week.  Because of the situation he is allowed to send something short when he can work that out.  I have tried to compile those below.

Sent on 3/27/12:  I'm doing good, we've just been really busy, but that's the way that I like it.  Elder Jensen has been admitted into the hospital so we are taking turns to be with him.  I think that he will be fine, it's just that the pneumonia has not gotten better which explains why he wasn't feeling as good this past weekend so that's why they admitted him to the hospital for a few days, but I'm sure he will be fine.  I will write when I get time.  Thanks so much and I love you.

Sent on 4/2/12:  Hey! I´m alive and well, just still very busy. Elder Jenson is doing a lot better, he should hopefully be getting out in the next two days or so.  I will write when I can. I´m doing really good. We didn´t get to see as much of conference as I had thought, we had two other missionaries go to the hospital over the weekend, but they both didn´t have to stay the night, so we´re all good there. I love you!

Sent on 4/4/12:  Hey, I´m still alive and kickin', today was crazy, but Elder Jenson got out of the hospital!  I´m doing great, loving it, just tired. I love you!

Elder DeSpain

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