Monday, April 9, 2012

Finally, A Real Letter!

Bon tardi!

We are still pretty busy here in the office, but things are good.
To answer Dad's question, the hurricane season starts right now in April and goes until November.

Elder Jenson is better and out of the hospital. He is in the office today, working like normal. He is a good guy, he's had a great attitude through this all. Today we had our office meeting, and we've had to do several errands, but I'm finally at the computer and taking a couple minutes to write home. It's been a pretty crazy month or so, but it's been a great experience and it was enjoyable while we were at it.

This week was kind of interesting, we got rear ended two times in two days. I was driving both times, haha, but luckily neither of them was my fault. The first one was during the afternoon last Monday. We were trying to drive to Quizno's to get some lunch, and we were coming up at a stoplight, but there was a small shopping center on the right hand side before the stoplight, and the car in front of us started slowing down pretty fast to turn into the parking lot, and so we had to slow down, and as we were slowing down, a lady hit us from behind while she was texting on her cell phone. But we were completely fine. I've had worse effects after slowing down too fast in the truck. We took the lady's information and then followed her to her work, she showed us a new place to eat-she works there, haha.

Then, the next day, we went to switch out Elder Green for Elder Delarosa to stay with Elder Jenson at the hospital. We left from there and tried to head towards the supermarket because I still needed to buy some things for a guy that was coming the next day to wash the cars at the office. While we were on our way, we were stopped at a stoplight, first in line. We were parked next to a trash truck, and I was looking over at the trash truck while we were waiting there, and then, all of sudden, a motorcycle came zooming by and something hit the back of our car, then, before I could put everything together, a car came shooting between us and the trash truck, and it hit our front end too, then the car that hit us followed the motorcycle, through the red light and the intersection and then they made a gigantic u-turn and headed back the other way, and the car almost ran over the motorcycle, and hit like 5 other cars while following the motorcycle until the car couldn't go anymore. We decided to go over and talk to the people in the car, we were going to need their information anyway to fill out the Church's accident report. When we got over there, I called President to tell him that we had been in an accident, and then when I got finished with the call and started talking to Elder Delarosa, it turns out that that car had been sitting like a car or two behind us in the line at the stoplight, and they had been robbed by the two guys that were on the motorcycle. The people in the car were a man and his mother-in-law or something of that sort, and the two guys had pulled up beside them on the motorcycle and I think that one of them must have pointed a gun at the lady that was riding shotgun because they were driving with their windows down. So she gave them her purse, and they took off on the motorcycle.  Then the guy driving the car took off after them, and it didn't matter to him who he hit or took out while he was in the process from what I could see. Luckily no one was hurt, and we took down his information and took off again. I wasn't in any way even slightly hurt in any of the accidents, I walked away completely unscathed from both accidents, and the cars left with only minor damage. We will get them repaired soon, but the damage doesn't prevent us from using them and driving them at all.

(We asked Jeff to tell us about the office he works in in the mornings.)  The Office here is pretty nice. It's actually right next to the stake center here in Santo Domingo. It's on the same property. We have a front waiting area and a place for the senior couple to work, and then we have an office where me and Elder Delarosa work, then there is an office in the back for the assistants, and then there is an office for President. There is also a kitchen, and then there is a back door and also a deposit room next to the back door. It's really nice. We don't have a conference room, but that's fine because we have all of our big meetings at the stake center next to the office.
Here Holy Friday is a big holiday, so most things close down for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This holiday is like bigger than Christmas for them here. We went out to San Pedro Saturday, we had to take some bed bases around. We went to Quisqueya again to take them a bed frame and pick up the contract for the missionaries house out there.   
Things should be getting more and more back to normal here, but transfers are coming up, so that means that we will be busy again pretty soon.  I'm doing great, this transfer has been busy, but it's been really fun too, it's such a blessing to have an assignment and a calling that I love so much.  The Lord has blessed me greater than I ever deserved!  It's been great to see how the Lord can strengthen me according to my challenge. I love you all!

Elder DeSpain

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